The exploitation of the irrigation system


It is necessary to emphasize that  maintaining the irrigation system is an important part of the functioning regarding the system itself. Every, or at least a big part of each system, functions perfectly when the system is new. However, the first problems already occur during the second year of using.

Poor maintenance, as a result of insufficient training and knowledge of the user, as well as, not having the adequate professional support in these kinds of jobs, are a good base for a steady but certain reduction of the irrigation system’s performance.

Good calculations and regular counselling of our users with the Aquaduct team has helped in the solving of many problems.

Good maintenance is a precondition for long-term use with keeping the optimal working parameters of the system, which has the aftermath of less cost and higher productivity. The system implies preventive actions (checking, cleaning and maintaining the equipment) in the goal of controlling a problem being formed and the stopping of the system (cessation of work, the reduction of work capacity, clogging…).

What implies good maintenance?

Much like your car, the irrigation system must be regularly maintained. Adequate use and timely treatment will prevent possible problems. The experts of Aquaduct have, through decades of experience, gathered the best foreign and domestic experience in solving problems that occur during the exploitation of the irrigation system that the users of our climate meet.